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There is a light at the end of the tunnel .

We have a gig on the booking list.

Albeit it is New Year Eve.

We have been in contact with clients and they have their fingers crossed that management will give to okay to open the door for entertainment. 

We Are Ready to get back to work.

Thank God.

God Bless the USA . . .

Smooth Sentiment's Goal is to

Create an Atmosphere of

Good Clean Fun.


We regularly play in the Central

Florida area - Indoor & Outdoor Events.

Such as, Clubhouses, Golf Resorts,

Pool Parties & Wedding Receptions.

We focus on the best of songs

from  the 50's-80's.


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About Us

Car Door

Remember the old style car 

door handles?

Maybe your first really nice car and you're opening the door for

your date?


Every time you see the familiar

hardware, that feeling rushes

over you and  --  you're there.

Just like the music Smooth Sentiment has cued up for 

Each Show.

That good time feeling is back and Smooth Sentiment's Goal is

to Create an Atmosphere of

Good Clean Fun. 



Get in Touch with Us

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Smooth   Sentiment   Band

Tonya LaLonde, Manager

6701 O'Doniel Loop W.

Lakeland, FL  33809

( 863 )  602.3741

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